Face (45 minutes) $175

Face, Neck, Decollete (60 minutes) $200

Full Back Treatment (60 minutes) $225

Glo2Facial is the go-to treatment for rebalanced beauty that utilizes patented Oxfoliation and the body’s natural superpowers to deliver clean, calm and naturally hydrated skin.

This sophisticated and customized clinical treatment is based on a 3-step process of Oxfoliation, LUX (Lite Ultrasound Experience), and detoxification through lymphatic massage, delivering long-lasting results. This is for everyone and every skin type.

See why this is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin …. and your life!


(90 minutes) $150

If you’re looking to turn back time and reverse the signs of aging, this treatment is for you! This facial is designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, promote collagen productivity and strengthen skin elasticity using our most innovative facial equipment. We customize your skincare and techniques to meet your individual needs. 

Signature Facial

(90 minutes) $125

Our exclusive pampering session! This is your invitation to relax, recharge and escape. This customized facial addresses your unique skincare concerns leaving your skin feeling revitalized and luminescent. With this elevated experience, you can expect incredible results. 


(60 minutes) $150
Series of 3 treatments $380

Recondition and rejuvenate your skin with our Diamond Tip microdermabrasion facial. This facial deeply exfoliates, rejuvenating the skin, minimizing scars, and promoting a radiant glow. Ideal for improving skin texture, reducing fine lines, stimulating cell renewal while leaving your skin with a healthier more youthful appearance. Relax with a hydrating mask and LED light therapy to complete this ultimate treatment.

Dermaplaning Facial

(60 minutes) $115

Refresh and renew! Enhance your skin’s natural beauty with our dermaplaning facial. This non-invasive treatment removes dead skin cells and vellus hair creating a smooth foundation for cosmetic application and skincare products. For an instant luxurious glow, enjoy a cooling and soothing hydrating mask that will boost brightness and renew radiance. You’ll be left with a complexion that looks and feels unbelievably smooth.

Gentleman’s Facial

(60 minutes) $125

Reset, renew, relax! This facial is tailored towards men’s specific skincare needs. This treatment includes an invigorating and stimulating scalp and neck massage.